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Sweat, Strengthen & Tone with Nathalie’s Cardio workout using Resistance Bands. This is one of the most exhilarating 30-minute rebounding workouts available with extreme core move sections that will tighten your core and strengthen your legs, buttocks and upper body in one awesome body blasting rebound workout. The high energy interval cardio sections are interspersed with resistance band training exercises which make an awesome fat burning body sculpting master class.

This workout will reach parts other workouts cannot reach! Get ready to sweat.

This workout is best completed on the Maximus Pro rebounder or Pro Gym rebounder exercise trampoline from www.rebound.fitness – both come with a set of Resistance Bands.

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Please note that it is impossible to achieve the calorie burn, fitness and all the health benefits trying to perform this workout on a cheap, poorly sprung, light weight mini trampoline. There are many different types of mini trampoline on the market. Trampolines costing under £100 are more for toy use (rather than adult exercise); typically they have small springs that often insert directly into the rim of the trampoline so it is not low impact, can damage your joints, and often will buckle the rim rendering the unit useless. With a Pro Rebounder / Mini Trampoline they are sprung to a specific tensions (whether springs or bungee model) to provide a low impact and resilient bounce that protects your joints, but also forces your core muscles to engage involuntary (without thinking about it!). The core/abdominal workout you achieve using one of our Rebound Fitness branded Pro rebounders and following our professional rebounding workouts is quite remarkable.

It is worth investing in a Pro Rebounder to ensure that you reap all the benefits that are achievable from Rebounding exercise. Your Body DESERVES it!

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Rebound Fitness have designed and manufacture 6 different rebounders to suit different budgets and needs. We pride ourselves on great Customer Service – you will see our reviews on Trustpilot ( and on Amazon in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Our website shop provides full details on the features and specification of our Pro Rebounders (www.rebound.fitness/rebounders/) and if you require additional support please contact our friendly support team on service@rebound.fitness

Research into rebounding has proven many health benefits including burning 100s of calories, melting body fat, stimulating lymphatic drainage, activating deep core muscles and strengthening bones and joints. Most of all our workouts are designed to help you enjoy working out. Check out of Blogs ( and VLOGS on You Tube.

It’s time to put the FUN back into GETTING FIT!!

The Rebound Fitness Series is offered FREE on You Tube, with additional Premium workouts available on our Website to those who purchase our Rebounders and Premium Subscription.

We are Rebound Fitness -The Rebounding Experts and our Mission is to get the Nation bouncing, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. We are committed to ongoing investment in the design and manufacture of high quality professional rebounders, mini trampolines and accessories, and in filming exciting and fun workouts to keep you motivated and challenged in your workouts.

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