10 Min Back Workout At Home (WITH RESISTANCE BANDS)

Join me today guys for this awesome 10 Min Back Workout At Home using resistance bands. If you don’t already know by now I love resistance bands and resistance band workouts

Especially if on the move, have access to limited equipment or perfect for training at home

If you haven’t already got a set of resistance bands, you need to get on it

One of the biggest issues people have training at home it targeting the back and especially the lats. Replicating the movements of the likes of the lat pulldown machine can be very difficult without certain equipment and this is where resistance bands are incredible

With a little imagination , you can replicate all the movements you need to target every area of the back including the lats

So all you will need for this workout is your resistance band , someone to tie it round ( in this video I am just using a door handle – If you have or can find something at home more secure then use that also)

and just 10 minutes of your time to hit a cracking back workout at home

So grab your resistance bands and lets smash this, follow along with me

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