10 min Resistance Band Shoulder Workout No Attachment

We’re back with a 10 min Resistance Band Shoulder Workout No Attachment. Continuing our way through the resistance band series covering every muscle group and it time to hit those shoulders

Even better with this workout that is heavily requested is a resistance band workout that doesnt use any attachments around the home. Not to worry with this one , we have you covered as all you will need for this shoulder workout is your resistance band and your body to pin it down

We will be hitting 4 exercises in total, each for 10 reps and repeating that 4 times. As I always say guys, if this isnt enough for you and you feel you need more, bump up the reps to 15 or 20 or simple add more rounds and sets. Do what is comfortable for you but gives you a good workout and good burn

So grab your resistance bands and lets smash this, follow along with me

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Till the next one

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