10-Minute Resistance Band Booty Workout

If you’re short on time, space and equipment but still want to get a great booty workout, we have just the workout for you. This video workout we’ve created with CrossFit athlete and fitness influencer, Jordan Shalhoub, will strengthen your glutes, which means a you’ll end up with a lifted and toned derriere.

The entire workout only takes 10 minutes to complete. You’ll warm up for one minute, push yourself in the main workout for eight minutes, and then finish up with a one-minute cool down.

10 jumping jacks
10 burpees

Main Workout
This workout is an eight-minute Tabata. You’ll work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, alternating through the following four different exercises.

20 seconds of lateral squat steps
10 seconds of rest

20 seconds of glute bridges
10 seconds of rest

20 seconds of glute kick backs
10 seconds of rest

20 seconds of squats
10 seconds of rest

Repeat for 8 minutes

Cool Down
Pigeon pose
Seated straddle

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