11 best glute exercises at home, resistance band leg workouts for man and woman

How about best glute exercises at home? Since you have started to strengthen your back and abs with my previous videos I think you also need a good glute muscles to be better then yesterday. So try this glute workout and resistance band leg workouts.


1. Side leg raises, feet flat – 10.
2. Side leg raises, toes inwards – 10.
3. Side leg extension – 10.
4. The clam – 10.
5. Side plank clams – 10.
6. Hydrant leg lifts – 10.
7. Knee drives – 10.
8. Knee drives static – 20’’.
9. Kneeling hip extension – 10.
10. Kneeling leg lift – 10.
11. Kneeling donkey kicks – 10.

Do you think it is possible to make your body look very good working only at home? I think it absolutely is. This rubber band exercises is great, it makes more tension in your muscles. By the way even if you go to the gym you can find there people working with glute activation bands as well because it works. So you can do this glute workout routine at home or at the gym – it is all up on you. It doesn’t matter where but what you do.

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