17 Resistance Bands Exercises for the Back

In this video I show various exercises for the muscles of the back using just resistance bands.

You can see the exercise name plus other information such as the specific muscles or body parts worked, the stance, where to anchor the bands, and what resistance should be used for that specific exercise.

The exercises are the following:

1) Low Row
2) Wide Row
3) One Arm Wide Row
4) One Arm Row
5) Reverse Flyes
6) Straight Arm Pulldown
7) Narrow Grip Pulldown
8) One Arm Pulldown with Static Lunges
9) One Arm Pulldown with Dynamic Lunges
10) One Arm Row with
11) Row with Lunges
12) Row
13) One Arm Row
14) Rear Delt Flyes
15) Wide Row
16) Lat Pulldown
17) Alternating Wide Row .