2 Upper Back Exercises For Strengthening With Resistance Bands

Learn how to do 2 upper back exercises that strengthen your back and improve your posture.

Physical Therapist Michelle guides you through resistance band exercises and gives you tips for strengthening and avoiding neck and shoulder injury. Please scroll down for exercise guidelines and tips for avoiding injury. Hope these exercises help you stay active!

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Exercise 1: Low Row

Low Row is a great if you’re just starting out. This exercise strengthens the muscles between your shoulder blades and the back of your upper arms and shoulders.

Setting Up

*Tie the resistance band around a fixed door handle
*Take hold of each end of the band
*Turn your hands so that your palms face your sides
*Step back from the door to extend the tubes
*Raise your chest forwards
*Relax your shoulders

Action for Low Row

*Pull the handles back towards your body
*Breathe our as you pull back
*Keep both elbows close to your trunk
*Raise your chest forward as you pull back on the bands
*You should feel your shoulder blades move inwards as you pull back

Exercise 2: Wide Row

Wide Row is a more challenging exercise than low row.

This exercise also strengthens the muscles between your shoulder blades as well as the back of your shoulders and upper arms.

Setting Up

*Set up is the same as described for Exercise 1
*Raise your arms out to the sides away from your trunk always keeping your elbows lower than your shoulders to reduce the strain on your neck and shoulders.

Action for Wide Row

This exercise uses the same action outlined for exercise 1. however the upper arms are raised away from the sides of the body throughout.

*You should feel both shoulder blades should squeeze together as you pull on the bands.
*Your shoulder blades should move apart as you slowly release the bands

How Many Upper Back Exercises?

*Start out doing a comfortable number of exercises
*Aim to build up to doing 8-12 exercises in a row (1 set)
*Ideally aim for 3 sets of back exercises with a rest between each set
Try to do your strength exercises on 2 or 3 alternate days of the week

Tips for Avoiding Injury

*Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed
*Keep your knees soft
*Keep your resistance
*Breathe our with the effort of pulling back
*Progress your exercises slowly (number and resistance) .