24 Best Resistance Band Exercises for Each Muscle Group & Full Body

If you are looking to build muscle, burn fat, lose weight, get ripped, and gain strength with resistance bands, these are the best resistance band exercises you can do.

Video by Paulina Kairys:

The resistance band exercises in this video target the legs, glutes, chest, back, arms, and abs/core, and they are perfect for both men and women. There are also total body élastiqued exercises.

We use 41″ loop resistance bands as they are the most versatile, both in terms of the exercises you can do (literally hundreds) and their uses (working out to build muscle and lose weight, mobility, flexibility, etc.)

Use these « 24 best resistance band exercises » to create a full body workout routine or 4-5 days splits that will get you into great shape.

24 Best Resistance Band Exercises:

Total Body (0:07):
1. Thrusters
2. Hinge | Row | Squat
3. Lateral Lunge Upright Row

Legs (0:56):
4. Power Squats
5. Split Squats
6. Sumo Squats

Glutes (1:39):
7. Good Mornings
8. Lateral Walks
9. Hip Bridge

Shoulders (2:24):
10. Upright Rows
11. Kneeling Overhead Press
12. Lateral Raise

Chest (3:07):
13. Chest Press
14. Chest Fly
15. Banded Push Ups

Back (3:55):
16. Pull Aparts
17. Pulldown | Shrug
18. Single Arm Rows

Arms (4:40):
19. Bicep Curls
20. Kneeling Tricep Extensions
21. Reverse Curl | Press

Core/Abs (5:29):
22. Crossbody Chop
23. Hollow Hold
24. Resisted Plank Lift Offs

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