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All you need is a resistance tube and 3 minutes to sculpt those legs and feel amazing!! IFBB Bikini Pro Marcia Goncalves visited the Critical Bench COMPOUND to show off her skills with some red tubing. But you don’t have to be a pro to do this simple routine!

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Getting awesome legs doesn’t require a leg press machine and hours in the gym every week. Sure, the more time you devote to anything, the better the results but what if you started with just a few minutes every day or two?

Add those minutes up over time and in 30-60-90 days you’d be absolutely amazed at the results. The key to achieving the body you want is consistency with key exercises and balanced nutrition. While this video isn’t about clean eating, it is about a super easy resistance band routine you can do at home, at the gym or while traveling.

This 3 minute routine serves as a template for you. Feel free to do as many rounds as you like. Push yourself safely and effectively with some tubing that is never intimidating and delivers a killer burn for those thighs and glutes!

My clients always benefited from the many workouts and exercises using resistance tubing. It’s safe for your joints, allows terrific range of motion and activates the muscles very well.

3 Minute Resistance Band Lower Body Workout at Home
45 secs ON | 15 secs OFF

-Lateral Shuffle Squats
-Romanian Deadlifts

Remember, do as many rounds as you like!

Please leave any comments or questions you have below in the comment section, we’d love to interact with you and help you on your journey to better thighs, glutes and overall improved health and fitness. Have an incredible day!

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