3 Resistance Band Moves to Get Firm Abs

Follow our dance and strength expert, Katia Pryce, as she demonstrates three of her favorite core-toning moves that you can do with a resistance band. Fold up a resistance band and easily take it on the road with you.

1. Core Taps. Tie the resistance band into a loop around your legs just above your knees. With knees bent, tap your toes on the ground, then lift your feet and lower abs up — without using momentum. Focus on using your low abs to squeeze in as you lift up. 10-15 reps.

2. Leg Lifts with Crunch. Think of this as a 3-step move. With the resistance band still tied around your legs, and legs on the ground, right foot crossed over left, lift slightly into a crunch, engaging your abs. Now, bring your right foot up, stretching the band, then bring the left foot up to meet it. Lower left foot, then right, then lower out of your crunch. 10-15 reps, then switch so your left foot is on top.

3. Crossing Legs Abs. With the band still tied around your knees, raise legs up so they’re at 90-degrees. Start crossing left and right feet, one over the other, as you slowly lower your legs. Don’t let them touch the ground, then bring them up again. 10-15 reps. .