4 MIN HIIT WORKOUT w/ Resistance Band (With Timer) | HIPS and BOOTY WORKOUT AT HOME!

Your personal trainer is here, get your resistance band (or even without it), play the video and let’s smash this workout together.
Burn calories with this HIIT workout. Achieve a toned strong lower body, prevent injury, support recovery and improve form. Can be done anywhere and anytime.

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As a personal trainer and competitive athlete I need to maintain an athletic look, and as a girl 🙂 peach like rear; I do good, feel good and look good. I never skip leg day and I give great attention to my rear workout.

A great way to focus on the booty is using the resistance bands to fire up the glutes, resistance bands are also of light weight, and can be used any where.
This workout will put you on fire, it is very effective to give you the peach shape you dream of. Change your routine and give it a try, and let me know in the comments below what you think! 🙂

So let’s get down to fitness!

1- 30 seconds Supported wide out squats – 10 seconds rest
2- 30 seconds Hip thrusts – 10 seconds rest
3- 30 seconds Bear crawl feet taps – 10 seconds rest
4- 30 seconds Wall sit – 10 seconds rest
5- 30 seconds wall bridges – 10 seconds rest
6- 30 seconds Abductor pulses
1 minute rest then repeat
Beginners 2 rounds
Intermediates 3 rounds
Advanced 4+ rounds

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