5 Resistance Band Loop Exercises

In this video, Lisa demonstrates 5 workouts with resistance band loops. Band loops are naturally easy to take anywhere, and on this beautiful breezy day, Lisa has found a good setting in which to work out with her Sleek-Tone brand latex loops. She starts off with the lateral band walk, a resistance band workout that helps develop the thigh muscles. Lisa moves in a side-to-side shuffle as she performs a few repetitions. In a more complete workout, we advise 3 sets of 6-10 repetitions per set.

Lisa then moves on to the standing hip abduction, which is specifically helpful for strengthening and toning hips and legs, and the similar standing hip extension, where she extends one leg behind her using the intrinsic tension of the resistance loop.

Seated, Lisa next demonstrates the seated forearm pull. This band loop exercise is good for gaining strength in the forearms as well as the biceps. Lastly, while sitting she finishes by extending her thighs outward against her Sleek-Tone resistance loops, in an exercise that strengthens and tones the outer thigh muscles.

These 5 are just a small sample of the great variety of resistance loop workouts that can help add strength and flexibility. Regardless of your age or physical condition, adding variety to your workouts or physical therapy sessions will only help you stay strong and flexible. To learn more, please check out our product on Amazon: .