Advanced Mini Band Workout | Full Body Mini Band Circuit

In today’s workout all you need is a mini band and you’re set! Mini band workouts are great because they put tension on your muscles, both in the eccentric phase and the concentric phase. It’s like getting double bang for you buck. Today’s workout I have called an advanced mini band workout because there are burpees and other jumping elements which I have not given modifications to. However, if you are a beginner, feel free to skip those exercises.
If you don’t own any bands, order some now. They are cheap, cheap and so versatile that you can take them anywhere.

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Today’s workout:
Warm Up -click the card or on your own
Circuit #1:
Squats -band under knees
Stationary Lunge to kick back -band above knees
Side Shuffle Knee Pulse -band under knees

Circuit #2
Squat Jack -band under knees
Burpees -band at ankles
High Knees -band above knees

Circuit #3
Horizontal Pulls -band around wrists
Vertical Pulls -band around wrists
Squat Curtsy Combo – band above knees
1 Arm Row -band under 1 foot, and 1 hand

Bonus Finisher: 50 Wall Sit Adductors -one band around knees, one around ankles

What I’m using these days:
SYNERGEE Box Jump Box:
Speed Skipping Rope:
Mutant BCAA’s:
PVL Sport Whey Protein:
Grenade Protein Bars (Seriously good and lower carb):
Adjustable Speed Block Dumbbell Set:
Small Hex Dumbbell Set:
Swiss Exercise Ball:
Mini Bands: (Set of 5)
Camera and Lens -Canon Rebel T6i:
Rode Microphone:

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