AT HOME SHOULDER WORKOUT | Best shoulder exercises with resistance bands.

Some of you asked for this, so here you go. Here’s a great at home shoulder workout you can do anywhere in your own home. Aim for 4 sets on each exercise, but most importantly warm up before jumping into the routine.

Routine details:
* Front rise superset with shoulder press – 4 sets: 12 reps
* Upright rows – 4 sets: 12 reps
* External & internal rotation exercises – 4 sets: 10 reps on each exercise and arm.
* Lateral raise – 4 sets: 10 reps each arm.
* Extended face pulls – 4 sets: 12 reps.
* Single arm shoulder press – 4 sets: 10 reps each arm.
* Shoulder finisher ( 3 angles ) – 4 sets: 10/10/10 reps.
Rest 1 minute between exercises.

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