At Home Workouts With Mike Porter's Resistance Band Training. No gym equipment Needed

At Home Workouts that can get you Ripped. No need for gym equipment. Natural Pro Bodybuilder Mike Porter walks you through resistance band training. No Gym equipment needed.

Hello Fitness Fans we are Real Fitness Reviews. My name is Steve Twomey joined by my co-host Mike Porter. You know we get asked all the time how do we stay in shape when we are on the road? Because Mike and I are both in outside sales in our 9-5 jobs. If you travel to hotel rooms alot or if you are at home because you got stuck in a mega snow storm like we get all the time in Northern Michigan,how do you stay in shape when you do not have access to your normal equipment at the gym?

Mike is going to go through some step by step instructions on how to hit major body parts with minimal equipment at home. Again, you can workout at home and get ripped. Basically we are going start with one of these resistance bands you get get almost anywhere. These things are great! We are going to do a couple upper body focused things first. Let’s start with biceps. One way to create resistance on the band is to stand on it.

You can go back and forth alternating curls. You can go to the front where you can hit a different part of the bicep. You can also do shoulders. So now I can either do outerhead of the shoulder. I can also do the front part of the shoulder with a front raise. Or if you want to hit all of the shoulder muscles you can do a shoulder press. Again all these exercises you can do with a resistance band at home.

Now if you want to do triceps a great exercise is the kick back. With Kick backs you want to work on the contraction of the muscle. Keep you arm so it is at 90 degrees and do not move your shoulder. And you are going to kick your arm straight back and lock out your tricep so the muscle is flexed as hard as you can. Onto back exercises you can do at home. For the bent over row, you may have to spread your feet apart more on the band to create more tension so you can actually feel it in your back. I can turn around so you can see my back flexing. Another great one that I like to use is, if you are working lower body is wall sits for legs. you sit against he wall try to hold your legs and body a 90 degree angle. What I like to do is go for 30 seconds, take a break for 15 seconds and repeat this process for 5-6 times or as many as you can. That really gets your quads burning pretty good. Another great back workout for real delts is you take the band and hold it in front of you and spread it out. I keep my arms perfectly straight hold it our in front of me and I am going to squeeze and flex my back when i bring it back. It works everything from your rear delts, your traps your lats, pretty much everything in your back.

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