Bandes de musculation fixation fitness

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Made of cotton for optimal comfort and support, this model is ideal for children.for legs, hips, thighs, weight training, etc.
Why are its ratchet straps so important to look good?
Everybody knows that doing sport is necessary for the muscular strengthening of our body, to find that last turn of our sessions in gym, squat, croussfit when we train, starting with a warm-up, stretching the muscles, to have a progressive resistance during the rehearsals by working with dumbbells, pilates, muscle-building equipment: lifting from the ground, pectoral contraction bar, and jumping …
Great resistance to blows :
Tension bands, carabiners and pack securing hooks are made of natural latex, without great resistance, and are connected to strong metal hooks. The anchors are made of strong nylon handles and the ankle straps are padded with foam, by distance extension modules, and for durability as well. All thick weave strips, elastic ratchet straps for closure, locking and accessories are adjustable, made of high quality materials, giving them more comfort and security. These adjustable elastic velcro straps, adjustable to hold sporting gestures, are compromised between the solidity of the whole, with all the tests of flexibility, stability, and durability . .