Basketball Speed Workouts | Basketball Leg Resistance Bands

This basketball workout program is a powerful sequence that will strengthen every muscle in the body and utilized quick movements to increase basketball speed.

Kbands Speed Rope is the first exercise and will challenge the leg muscles as well as build endurance of the cardiovascular system. Perform the double-footed jump rope for 45 seconds. Move directly into the single leg jumps. Jump for 30 seconds on the right leg and then 30 seconds on the left leg. Finish out the set with 30 seconds of speed jogging in the place. Complete 5 full sets.

Strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to increase the resistance of this speed workout program. Begin in a lunge position and then explode out of it, scissoring the legs to land in then lunge with the opposite leg in front. Explode out of the downward movement for even greater resistance. During the upward acceleration, drive the arms up for increased momentum. Perform for 15-20 seconds before resting for 20 seconds and complete a total of 4 sets of this basketball speed enhancing exercise.

This powerful skip movement will not only increase basketball speed but also vertical. Strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and begin by driving the knee up through the resistance in a high skip. Be explosive and power through that resistance to strengthen the muscles of the legs for increase basketball speed and power for quick movements. Use the arms to increase momentum and gain extra power from each movement. Work through 6 power skips on both right and left leg before resting for a few seconds and then complete 4 sets. .