BEST Mini Resistance Band Exercises (STRONG LEGS & GLUTES)

🌟Get Flat Abs — Lean Legs — And A Firm Butt WITHOUT Ever Lifting Another Clunky Heavy Weight At The Gym Again…

*Looking to get STRONG LEGS & GLUTES? Here are the BEST Mini Resistance Band Walking Exercises that you NEED to be doing for your lower body!*


YES, we love training the legs and glutes using a wide range of exercises for overall leg strength and development but this video you’ll see the BEST Mini Resistance Band Exercises that will get your legs and glutes stronger and leaner in no time!

You’re going to love this one. Strength Coach & Glute expert Brian Klepacki gives you a quick, 5 resistance band exercises that you can use in your next workout!

Here are the BEST Mini Resistance Band Exercises:

Lateral Walk in Squat Stance
Forward / Backward Zig Zag Walk
Lateral Walk – Straight Leg
Forward / Backward Tip Toe Walk
Forward / Backward Monster Walk

Do these exercises in this order 2x-3x a week and complete 1 set, 2 sets, or 3 sets using minimal rest. Reps can vary between 10-20 but don’t be too ambitious because these get hard very quick!!

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