Body Coach's Corner: Resistance Band Split Squats | TB12

Welcome to the TB12 Body Coach’s Corner! Here in The Body Coach’s Corner, we’ll be answering questions that we hear from clients here at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center and on our social media channels. You’ll meet our Body Coaches and they’ll share knowledge that will help you feel and perform your best.

Give this workout a try!

To start, you will need a long looped band. Step on one end of the band so that it runs under the arch of what will be your “lead” leg’s foot. Make sure your arms are folded in front of you with both hands on either deltoid muscle, and your shoulders are flexed to 90 degrees and parallel to the ground. Loop the other end of the band around your arms, just above your elbows, at mid-bicep level. Take your other leg, your “trail” leg, and split it behind your lead leg so that you are standing in a split squat position.

In this position, the resistance band is going to want to pull your arms down toward your chest. Keep your stomach tight and shoulders back to keep your arms stable and prevent them from being pulled down.

From here, do a controlled squat down, so that the knee of your trail leg is just above the ground. Then, explode back up to the starting position and repeat. When at the bottom, your lead hip and both knees should be flexed to 90 degrees. Make sure to maintain a tight core and neutral spine throughout the movement, keeping your shoulders back and your weight evenly distributed between the lead and trail legs.

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