Butt / Glutes workout with resistance band! To build and tighten your glutes. Real Time workout!

Booty Burnn!!!
Here are some of my favourite butt/ glutes based exercises with a resistance band to help build and tighten your glutes.

I LOVEEEEE Resistance bands!
They are amazing!
An absolute game changer, they take up next to no space and the best part you are in control of the range and how difficult, the harder you work against them the more you will get out of them. Basically law of attraction.

If you don’t have one then invest! It is the best £5 you will ever spend.

Here is the link to the band I am using

This is a real time workout so grab your band and get moving with me! Lets train together! Follow along with me for this easy to follow butt and leg workout using resistance bands.
We will concentrate on the glutes (butt) and outer thigh during this workout and I will take you through each exercise step by step to build that butt and tone your thighs with a resistance band. We will begin with activating and then I will show you how to use the resistance bands and which exercises and most effective to target the butt and thighs.

This workout will last just 10 minutes with around 6 minutes of chatting 🙂 and you are guaranteed to build up a sweat and your butt and thighs will be on fire by the time we are done! You can feel these exercises work!! TRUST ME! and all you need is 1 (very cheap!) piece of equipment. You can even do this workout without a resistance band and you will still feel the burn!

All exercises are planned and designed to help you tone and build that peach! you will feel these in your legs but when the isolation exercises come in you will feel those buns for sure!

Music: Royalty Free Electro House EDM

Try it out and let me know how you found it in the comments below!

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