Chest Workout At Home With Resistance Band

Back at it again with a brilliant Chest Workout At Home With Resistance Band. How to target the chest with resistance bands is a question I get often.

So hopefully in this video , it will have you covered. As not only are we hitting a brilliant chest workout but it will also target every single area of the chest , upper , middle , lower and inner pecks showing you that you can still get a brilliant chest workout in right from home just doing a resistance band workout

The beauty with this workout also is that you won’t need to tie your band around anything. This workout can be done with nothing but your bodyweight and the band so no excuses not to smash this

We will be hitting 4 exercises in total with 10 reps of each exercise. As I always say , if this isn’t enough for you , add more set or add more reps and sets. Bump the reps up to 15 or 20 for a serious burn on that chest

So grab your resistance bands and lets smash this, follow along with me

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Till the next one

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