Combining Resistance Bands with Kettlebells & Dumbbells Exercises

It can be tough to get a home workout in. It can be even tougher to get exercise equipment at this time. Maybe you haven’t got the weights you would normally use for certain exercises. But you can make any exercises more challenging by combining Resistance Bands with Kettlebells & Dumbbells Exercises (Top 20 Full Body!)

I tried to include different variations on using the band with the kettlebells to help you with even more ideas on top of this 20. After watching this video, hopefully the imagination will flow to give you guys a ton of different variations on top of these variations to keep your training interesting in the weeks and months ahead.

1. Goblet Squat
2. Reverse Lunge w/Lateral Resistance
3. Side Lunge w/Lateral Resistance
4. Banded KB Deadlift
5. Banded Single Arm KB Deadlift
6. Resisted KB Swing
7. Single-Leg DL w/Row and Lateral Resistance
8. Resisted KB Split Stance Row
9. Bent Over Resisted KB Rows
10. Single Arm Press w/Lateral Resistance
11. ISO Hold Band Resisted KB Alt Press
12. Single Arm Resisted KB Overhead Press
13. Hinge Resisted Single Arm Press
14. KB Resisted Lateral Raise
15. Resisted KB Overhead Triceps Extension
16. KB Resisted Triceps Kickback
17. Resisted KB Skull Crushers
18. Resisted KB Single Arm Curl
19. Banded KB Curls
20. Farmer Walk w/Banded KB Variation

Give these exercises a try and let me know how you get on! Some other 20-20 variations that you may be interested in with your training at home are:

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