COVID-19 Member Resistance Band Workout #5

Band sumo squats – Band under feet, feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointed out, push knees out descent, squeeze glutes on ascent.
Walking press ups – Shoulders over hands throughout, core braced, perform press up, walk hands and feet to side, repeat.
Wall squat – Sit against wall, back and shoulders against wall, knees bent to 90 degrees, hold position, don’t push down on knee joint.
Plank alternates – High plank position, brace core, squeeze glutes, squeeze quads, hold for five seconds, descend to low plank position, repeat.
Box jumps – Lower into squat, drive up through floor, knees bent on landing, step back down.
Bird dog – Into box position on floor, extend opposite arm and opposite leg, extend arm to raise rather than push, raise leg and squeeze glutes, core braced throughout.