Exercise Band Workout For Glutes, Hips, and Inner Thighs

In this video, Faye demonstrates 2 workouts that efficiently work and shape the butt. Even done without a resistance band around the thighs, you will feel the results of these exercises immediately, but making use of a band simply enhances the benefits. Faye also points out the simpleness and portability of the closed loop bands that she prefers, suggests buying a set with 3 resistances, and recommends that « if you aren’t feeling a good burn when you do 10 reps, just move up one level of difficulty ».

Form is critical to getting the maximum benefits from any exercise, and Faye stresses this as she assumes the all-fours position from which both of these glute workouts start, with a workout band around her thighs. You should keep your back straight, hands below shoulders, and core muscles tight. Faye has personally chosen to rename the first one the « Sleek-Glutes » rather than its common name « The Fire Hydrant ». Maintaining good form, she raises one leg out to the side with the knee kept bent at a ninety degree angle. This especially works the side of the glutes along with the hips. Exercisers should do a minimum of 10 reps per set, and at least 3 sets with each leg. For more of a cardio workout, just increase your speed, but make sure you keep good form.

Faye’s 2nd glute exercise starts from the same base with the Sleek-Tone elastic band still around the thighs. This is a heel-press that again works the glutes hard. She extends one leg back, pushes her heel up towards the ceiling, then pulls the knee back in. Faye also shows a crossover variation of this, which firms up and tones the inner thigh. Again, do a minimum of 10 reps per set of these with each leg, with a band resistance that results in a good ‘burn’. And try to do at least 3 sets. By maintaining good form– back straight, core muscles tight, head up– we can target specific muscle groups the most successfully.

Exercise bands have gained in popularity recently due to the fact that they are so simple to use, affordable, and effective. You can take them anywhere and get in a great workout even in, say, a small hotel room. Physiotherapists often use and recommend them because, rather than just gravity (as with weights), you are making use of the resistance within the band itself. This makes them especially safe for individuals doing rehab from injuries.

Our bodies are efficient and quickly get used to particular movements. This is why doing a variety of workouts, mixing up your exercise regimens, and targeting different muscle groups, is so important to getting and keeping fit. Faye concludes by saying that the two exercises she has demonstrated for us will go a long way toward toning our glutes, hips, and upper legs.

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