Front Lever Progression: 6 Step Calisthenics Progression w/ Resistance Bands

Big thanks to @MuscleUp_Jarvis and @Tatted_Strength for demonstrating our progressions for these videos. Check out these guys on Instagram, they’re legends in the Calisthenics community!

The Front Lever is a leverage exercise that strengthens your back and core. Height and weight play a significant role in the difficulty of the lever. Each inch in height adds foot-pounds of resistance pressure, thus making it more challenging [but not impossible] for taller, heavier people.

The best way to build strength in attempting the front lever is with a one-leg progression:

1. Start in the tuck front lever position by leaning back, pulling your hips up and tucking into a ball.
2. Make sure your back remains parallel to the floor, even if it is rounded.
3. Keep both legs together and gradually extend one leg straight out, making sure that your body remains in a straight line parallel to the ground.
4. Once you are comfortable extending one leg out you are ready for the two leg progression.

*Note: An advanced variation is to start in a standing position with your hands on the bar and raise your hips and legs simultaneously into a front lever.

By breaking down the progressions, and using Rubberbanditz for assistance, you will incrementally improve, and ultimately master the lever. .