Full-Body Workout w/ ONE RESISTANCE BAND | Follow Along | Quarantine Workout

Hello, This is Full Body Workout using one resistance band. this resistance band broke on during a workout I did earlier and I was lazy to get a new, even though it was broken, I knew I could work with what I got and this is what you get guys :D. I promise next time it’ll be better! I enjoy doing élastiqued workout so I thought I shar with you guys once in awhile a workout I’ll put together to help anyone that wants to follow along!

Exercises: 45 seconds on 15 sec Running Knee High
Single Shoulder Press
Clean and Press
Bent Over Row
Knee Push Ups
Tricep KickBack
Bicep Curls
30second Burpees (In Between Set)

I have been a trainer for about 5 years, knowing that still there a lot of people need to learn to motivate themselves/ have the determination to get up off their feet to workout! it doesn’t matter if you’re very knowledgeable in health and fitness if you don’t promote yourself as someone who is mindfully aware of their own health? then take a step back before you say it to the wrong person.

My goal is to become the most supportive trainer who’ll be able to push and pull people to realize that it gets harder as you get older. Although I may not be of that age yet? I’ve seen and I realized that it’s going to be tough if you don’t get your fitness and healthy balance in check. No matter how busy life can get every day you can put in at least 20-30mins of Training.

It’s for the longevity of your life.

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