Full HOME Workout with resistance bands (Chest/Shoulders/Triceps)

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As I already said in this video, the resistance bands were sold out and unfortunately they still are 🙁 You can get 35% off all supplements and clothes though at MyProtein using code « MERIJN ». Link:

You can certainly find similar resistance bands online. The resistance on these blue resistance bands that I’m using is 11-36KG!

Many gyms are closed at the moment all over the world because of the corona virus (COVID-19). I’m going to share a complete home workout routine in this video so that you can still make progress without access to a gym. There are really NO excuses now for not being able to work out. This workout is with resistance bands to get optimal overload on your muscle.

During this pandemic it’s now more important than ever to take care of yourself, so let’s start doing that by getting our home workouts in. Your country may not have closed the gyms yet but they quickly could. The Netherlands (where I live) decided today that the gyms are going to be closed from tomorrow up to the beginning of April at least.

On social media you see many different “home workouts” but the problem often is that they are very high intensity (focussed more on burning calories) and not focussed on maintaining/building muscle mass.

This home workout will be challenging and uses exercises that you can easily overload with more resistance and therefore apply progressive overload. No, you’re not going to be lifting the most amount of weight, but that’s not what it’s about. By using the techniques and exercise combinations I’m showing you, there will be a lot of tension on specific muscle areas even though you’re not using that much weight.

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Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Should I do more home workouts? Which one next? Comment down below!

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