Gearrific™ Exercise Ball + Resistance Bands Workout Set

This 15-Piece Resistance Band Ball Set Includes: 65cm anti-burst exercise ball, inflatable stability ring, 15lb resistance bands with cushioned handles, free foot pump, jump rope, 24oz. water bottle, 4 pilates toning bands, large micro fiber gym towel and more.

In total you get $80 worth of fitness gear for a full body workout from home, all for only $49!

Creating the perfect home workout system can get complicated, time consuming and expensive. With our exercise ball, base & resistance band workout set, all of that has been carefully considered, to package together quality fitness items that fit the bill, without breaking the bank!

These make great gifts too. For anyone looking for a great workout from home. They can use this fitness set for anything from yoga and pilates, physical training, toning of legs and butt, firming of core and abs, pregnancy and more. Its also a great workout ball for kids, combine the exercise ball with the stability ring to make a perfect ball chair to promote good posture and relieve neck and back pain while working at home or in the office.

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