How To: Resistance Band Front Rack Stretch – WOD Nation coach Barry @ CrossFit Chiang Mai

We need a solid front rack position for many of the movements we do in CrossFit. Today we’re going to learn a couple stretches that will make a big difference in your front rack position. First you will need some good heavy resistance bands. CHECK OUT THE EXERCISE BANDS USED IN THIS VIDEO HERE —

1. Choose the right resistance band for you. For women I usually suggest a purple band and for men, the green exercise band is perfect for this front rack stretch.
2. Wrap the band around the pull up bar and put your hand through it.
3. Now turn around and let the band pull your arm back from your hand and feel the stretch in your triceps, lats, and shoulder.

In the second stretch we take our mobility even further. This time put your elbow in the band and turn around. Lean away from the pull up bar and let the band do the work for you. Don’t fight the band. No tugging or pulling. Relax into the band.

After just one minute on each side you will notice a huge difference in how high your elbows are. Now when you put the bar in the front rack position, it will sit high on your shoulders and will give you a nice solid foundation.

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