How To: Resistance Band Hip Flexor Stretch – WOD Nation coach Barry @ CrossFit Chiang Mai

The hips are super important in CrossFit movements. As we all know, the majority of our power comes from our hips. Today we’re going to discuss how to keep our hips flexible using one of our WOD Nation resistance bands. CHECK OUT THE RESISTANCE BANDS USED IN THIS VIDEO HERE – –

1. pick the right size resistance band. the heavier the band the more stretch you will get.
2. hook the band around a vertical pole and insert one leg into the band up to the hip
3. move back until you feel some stretch and bend the élastiqued knee
4. put a good amount of stretch in the exercise band
5. now just rock back and forth about 10 times. remember to RELAX your hips. you want the band to be able to pull on the muscles and if you keep them tight it won’t be doing its work

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