Jumping Drill | Jump Resistance Bands

This video takes viewers through a simple but intense vertical workout that can help athletes learn how to jump higher. The drill requires only a small amount of space on the gym or in the field, a partner, and a KBT reactive stretch cord. This vertical workout takes just a few minutes to complete and can be easily worked into any regular training program.

To complete this drill, athletes can warm and stretch, then they can attach the reactive stretch band snuggly around the waist and clip the cord to the band. When the band is in place, the anchoring partner can stand behind the athlete and hold the stretch cord against the ground with one foot. The athlete will complete six to eight tuck jumps in quick succession, pulling against the resistance of the band, while the partner stands in place raising one arm in order to provide guidance and stability and avoid collisions.

After six to eight reps, the athlete will rest for one to two minutes before beginning the next set. The complete vertical workout will involve four to six resisted sets, followed by two more sets with the reactive stretch cord removed. For more on how to jump higher and more resistance drills that can help athletes develop vertical jump height and sprint speed with the strategic assistance of the reactive stretch cord, visit KbandsTraining.com .