Kbands Full Body Toner Workout | 30 Minute Workout With Resistance Bands

This video takes viewers through a 30-minute cardio routine that relies on the added tension of the Kbands fitness bands to elevate the heart rate and strengthen the muscles. This session includes a warm up and stretch and requires no equipment except a floor mat, proper exercise clothing, and a set of Kbands leg exercise bands for each participant.
Viewers can follow along with the video, since it demonstrates each exercise in the series in real time. The entire routine can be broken down into four distinct sections: the warm up, a set of moves that target the lower body, an ab workout, and an intense full-body cardio session.
During each exercise, viewers should pay close attention to breathing, chest position, and making an effort to maintain a full range of motion. Keep the moves large and extended and don’t hold the breath during any of these exercises. Keep breaks aligned with the breaks in the video, and let the Kbands trainers demonstrate the proper position of the legs, arms and feet and core during each move. For more information and more video workout sessions like this one, visit Kbands Training.com. .