Kbands Pressure Defense | Basketball Explosive Defense | Basketball Leg Resistance Bands

In this video, Trevor Theismann of Kbands Training.com takes basketball players and coaches through a quick, high-impact set of pressure defense drills. These drills require a set of Kbands training bands for each player and a slightly complex layout of speed and agility cones. But once the cones and the bands are in place, the drill can be completed by any number of players in teams or pairs, and these sets can be easily worked into regular training program.

First, eight cones should be arranged in a corridor so that the defensive player can move backwards toward the net in a wide zig-zag motion. The partner, playing the role of an offender, should stand facing the net, while the primary player faces the center of the court. When the signal is given, the primary player should move laterally at high speed back and forth down the corridor, focusing on controlling the motion of the offender and forcing him to keep the ball on his weaker side.

As the player reaches the final cones just in front of the net, the ball should be rolled in his direction and he should intercept it and head down the court to complete the steal. He can then deliver the ball to the partner in an outlet pass and start the drill over again from the beginning. This move can be completed in four to six resisted reps on each side, followed by two unresisted reps.

For more drills like this one and more information about resistance and suspension training equipment like the KB Powerbands and KB Duo, viewers can visit the basketball training section of Kbands Training.com. .