Mini Band Workout Target Legs and Butt

Mini loop bands are a huge trend. These easy to use resistance bands are portable, so take your workout anywhere!
Sculpt your legs and butt faster by adding resistance to your lower body exercises. Ideal because it is strength training without needing a gym.
These bands are offered in 2 sizes: 9 inch and 12 inch. Choose from 6 levels of resistance.
Affordable! Once you’ve mastered a level, move up to next level of resistance.

Try this workout in the park. You’ll get your healthy dose of fresh air and Vitamin D while strengthening your legs and glutes.

☀️ Push up with side steps – Keep tension on the band – Do not let feet come together, keep feet no closer than hip-width. Step out as wide as you can. Hold that plank position, with your back straight. 10x each direction. Repeat 1 more time.
☀️Stair climbs – Up and down the stairs, good posture. Engage your abs. 10x. Repeat 1 more time.
☀️Side shuffle – In a slightly squatted position, take 10 steps to the side, then 10 the opposite direction. Feet always hip-width or farther with constant tension from the band. Repeat 3x .