MMA Training With Speed Bands | Resistance Bands

Using the Speed Bands while training for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Martial arts and boxing can dramatically improve the strength in the legs, hip and core regions. Speed Bands target the fast-twitch muscle fibres in the hamstring, quads, glutes and core muscles to make you a stronger more powerful fighter.

The main advantage of the Speed Bands is that they can be worn not only for the warm-up but also for the different movements that your sport requires. By simply wrapping a strap around each leg and attaching the resistance bands you will give your legs an excellent all round workout.

Use the red or the stronger green resistance bands so you can train at your maximum intensity. Our resistance bands are of the highest quality on the market with the ability to stretch 5 times their own length. While you are working under resistance your muscles instantly start working harder activating those fast-twitch muscle fibres which are crucial for MMA success.

Balance is vital in martial arts. As you perform a workout with the Speed Bands, feel your core muscles working with every movement you make. Use the bands throughout your training session when performing MMA specific exercises to ensure all major muscles are getting an effective workout.

Towards the end of the session take off the straps and resistance bands. Perform all exercises, including all kick variations, takedowns, throwdowns etc and as soon as after the first session you will feel your legs lighter and faster and kicking stronger and more powerfully than ever before. For best results use 2-3 times per week

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