New 12 Week Resistance Band Commercial

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What is the 12 Week Resistance Band Training Program?


Our Mission Statement here at Stevie Richards Fitness is to eliminate all the “noise” within the fitness industry and create simple yet effective programs that anyone can do.

Our goal is to keep our fitness plans affordable, so for less than 18 cents a day, you get quality workouts and support direct from Stevie Richards. In fact, we encourage you to keep applying your new fitness knowledge beyond the 12-week program, so that makes it even more affordable!


The Interactive PDF includes:

Full Overview Videos For Each Workout

Step-by-Step Instruction

Tips and Tricks



A fitness program means NOTHING without support. Period. Whether it’s your first time working out, or have years of experience, having a solid support system is key to reaching ANY goal.

I’m proud to say that our closed Facebook Group is a positive and supportive community. After your initial purchase, you will receive access to live content from Stevie- which Includes Q&A’s, exclusive videos, new modifications, and downloadable BONUS workouts.

Don’t feel comfortable posting in a public forum? Send an email directly to Stevie! He is happy to help and normally responds to all emails within 24-36 hours. .