Resistance Band Booty + Legs WORKOUT/WARM-UP // No lower back pain // Scoliosis

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Your Glutes are responsible for stabilizing the hip when you land ,
propelling you forward as you walk,
pushing you forward as you walk up stairs,
and most importantly for holding your pelvis upright when you stand.

If your Glutes are weak or inactive they cannot hold your pelvis in the right position or help maintain correct alignment of your femur.
This can cause the wrong muscle groups to be “switched on” and over activate to help compensate for the lack of strength in the Glutes.
Our brain sends a signal to muscles close by when the Glutes cannot activate sufficiently, these muscles then cause a change in our walking pattern which can lead to increased stress and damage on our joints.
This over activation and compensation is what leads to pain, muscle spasm and nerve pain.
This can not only be seen in lower back pain, but also as ITB syndrome and patella-femoral pain (knee pain).
Because sometimes where you feel the pain, isn’t the place causing the problem, especially when it comes to low back pain.

30 seconds work/10 seconds rest

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