Resistance Band Loop Abs Workout

In this video, Lisa shows a beneficial exercise for reinforcing and toning the abdominals called the Rotation Crunch.

Resistance band loops are good for enhancing the effectiveness of even the simplest workouts. Here, Lisa [wraps|puts} a loop around her thighs and, with her legs at a 90 degree angle to the floor, she does crunches while turning her torso while pushing outward against the band with her thighs. This movement tones not just the abdominals but also the thigh muscles.

Unlike weightlifting, for example, which utilizes the force of gravity, resistance loop workouts utilize the resistance inherent to the latex band itself. For this reason, physiotherapists commonly use them with clients who need to be careful in recovering from injuries. They offer a means to vary your workout regimen and have expanded in popularity among serious athletes who wish to target particular muscle groups, among more casual exercisers, and among individuals who need to do gentle rehab.

Lisa does just a few repetitions in this video. However resistance loop users can make their workout as light or heavy as they choose. One obvious plus of resistance loops is that they can be taken and used just about anywhere.

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