Resistance Band Set-up and Instruction

Resistance bands offer a unique training opportunity because unlike weights which are governed by gravity, bands work both vertically and horizontally while incorporating rotation, a missing link into so many traditional strength training programs.

Bands also provide resistance during all three phases of movement — concentric, eccentric and static.

Included with the Connexus Home are three different levels of resistance bands.

You can use these on their own, but they really come to life when attached to the power grid or the base anchors.

When you use the resistance bands, ensure that they are safely wrapped around the power grid or base anchors.

The bands can move when pulled, so it’s best to have them attached to enclosed components to ensure that they can’t slip off.

You can stretch the bands by up to 1.5 yards, and unlike metal weights, they are soft and flexible, so it’s fine for them to make contact with your body when performing exercises.

To increase the level of challenge when using resistance bands, lengthen the space between you and the anchor point.

To reduce the level of challenge, simply decrease the space between you and the anchor point. .