Resistance Band Training for Pole Dancers | PoleFreaks

Have you tried resistance band training for pole dance? I love to find new ways of training. Anything to spice up what I do and get stronger will always be a win with me.

I’ve tried lots of different ways to add on to my pole training. While weights in the gym are working a treat, I’m also really enjoying adding resistance band training into.

I find using bands effective as it allows me to work on my technique and strength at the same time. I can use the bands to make it easier if necessary and harder when I progress, until I no longer need a band for that move.

The stretch in the band allows me to safely maneuver in and out of all kinds of moves, without feeling trapped.

Training in this way isn’t for everyone. I only do it every few weeks and on specific moves. I make sure I always keep up with my pole training and only back up my training once in a while.





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