Resistance Band Workout For Glutes In this training video, Faye shows us a standing, side-to-side exercise that tones the gluteus medius, the middle of the butt. She wraps a resistance band loop around her ankles to enhance the toning benefits of the workout.

The popularity of exercise bands, and the elegantly simple but effective subset of resistance band loops, has risen dramatically in recent times. When we train with exercise bands, we use the resistance inherent in the latex band itself rather than gravity. Because of this, physical therapists use these bands a great deal as an especially safe and effective way to rehab injuries.

For the Great Glutes Exercise demonstrated here, Faye moves from a standing neutral position by taking a big step to one side. Simultaneous with that step, she drops into a squat, holds it briefly, and then powers out of the squat to return to the original position. This also works the thighs, but the greatest benefit is to tone and strengthen the mid-butt area. The Great Glutes Workout also helps athletes such as basketball and soccer players who need to improve their lateral agility.

Faye makes clear that correct form is vital to obtaining the benefits of this workout. When you take the side step and squat down, you need to keep centered, with knees square over the feet, head up, shoulders back and chest straight. As you get tired, the legs may want to fold inwards. Don’t let this happen. Use your abductor muscles to keep the knees square over your feet. Another common tendency with fatigue is to start rotating the feet outwards. When you rotate the feet out, the quads begin taking on the stress, and the benefits to the glutes is reduced. So as Faye makes clear, concentrate on form. We suggest sets of 10-15 reps with a band loop resistance that challenges you.

Faye chooses a band loop with a resistance that feels right for her. She adds that a set of the SLEEK-TONE brand which she prefers comes with its three colors coded by resistance level. She also points out that resistance loops are extremely light and easy-to-carry and help her get a workout wherever she may find herself. Doing a variety of workouts, mixing up your exercise routines and targeting different muscle groups, is a key to keeping fit.

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