Resistance Loop Bands Workout & Exercises (Getting Started) | Fit Simplify

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In this video Marin shows you how to get started with your Fit Simplify Resistance Loop bands and shares her favorite exercises to do with them. Try them out yourself and add them to your own home gym workout.

Workout Exercises in Video

1) Lateral Isometric Holds
2) Bicep curls
3) Tricep pull downs
4) Lat pull down
5) Lawn mowers
6) Bent over rows
7) Lat raises
8) Up and down Isometric hold
9) Chops
10) Lower body isometric hold
11) Squats
12) Side walking lunges
13) Bridges
14) Side leg raises
15) Lying leg raises
16) Full body 2-band squats
17) 2-band crunches

The exercises in this video are also available in our PDF ebook which is FREE to download from our website.

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