STRONG GLUTES 🔥 3-Minute Mini Band BOOTY Challenge

🌟Get Flat Abs — Lean Legs — And A Firm Butt WITHOUT Ever Lifting Another Clunky Heavy Weight At The Gym Again…

*Do this 3-Minute Mini Band Follow-Along GLUTE Workout to get your booty rounder and stronger.*


The GLUTE muscles are big and VERY important to the body but training them doesn’t have to be a lengthy, drawn out process. Strength Coach and Movement Specialist Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS knows a thing or two about how to develop this muscle group and gives you an quick 3-minute resistance band glute workout challenge that you can do right now!!

Use this 3-minute, 3 exercise challenge, performed by NPC Competitor and Personal Trainer, Alex Nanos, 2-3x per week and see some great things happen to your rear end.

In this challenge you’ll see 3 butt specific exercises you can do with one mini resistance band. This super fast glutes challenge hits the bum hard. If you’re looking for a challenging glute workout you can do any time, any where, this is the workout for you!

It’s best to warm-up a few minutes before jumping right into this workout because it’s almost non-stop and a tad challenging. Here is the workout:

Resistance Band Glute Challenge (perform 1, 2, or 3 rounds)

3 minutes, :45s on with :15s off
-Lateral Side to Side Steps
-Seated Clam Shell
-Monster Walks

That’s it! Have fun with that, make sure to share this challenge with a friend and save it so you can use it again! 🙂


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