STRONG & Sexy ARMS 💪 3-Minute Resistance Band Arm Workout

*Your arms will be burning after this one! Do this 3-Minute Resistance Band Arm Workout to get your arms stronger and sexier.*

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This one is NOT easy but will give you an awesome burn and arm pump and will help strengthen and tone your arms.

Use this 3-Minute Resistance Band Arm Workout, performed by bikini competitor Jillian Root, 2-3x per week and see some great things happen to your arms.

In this challenge you’ll see 3 arm specific exercises you can do with a resistance band. This super fast arm workout hits the arms hard. If you’re looking for a challenging arm workout you can do any time, any where, this is the workout for you!

It’s best to warm-up a few minutes before jumping right into this workout because it’s almost non-stop and a tad challenging. Here is the workout:

3 minutes, :45s on with :15s off
-Traditional Bicep Curl
-Arm Extensions
-High Bicep Curl

That’s it! Have fun with that, make sure to share this challenge with a friend and save it so you can use it again! 🙂

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