Stroops Slastix Pro Resistance Bands – Toner Band Workout

– The Slastix Pro Resistance Band System utilizes two 48 inch Slastix stretch bands that are connected in the center with a 10 inch fabric loop. Attach the fabric loop to any fixed, secure anchor point (such as a gym rack or goal post) and you can then push or pull by holding the handles on the end of each band. The Slastix Pro employs extremely resilient resistance stretch bands with 4:1 elasticity, meaning they will stretch up to 16 feet from the connection point. And, Slastix bands offer the added benefit of increasing the resistance and difficulty the harder and farther out you push or pull. This means you can vary the intensity level of your workout depending on your age, ability, or strength level. The protective nylon safety sleeve that encases the Slastix bands protects exercisers from getting skin irritations or abrasions common with using rubber stretch tubes, and also protects the bands themselves from overstretching and from ultraviolet light, body oils, nicks or cuts during use (especially outdoors). With the Slastix Pro Toner Bands you now have a complete workout system employing elastic resistance for any exerciser, at any age, in any place, for any amount of time. The Slastix Pro is lightweight, easy to use, and portable, and comes in six different resistance levels from Very Light (7 lbs resistance) up to Super Heavy (50 lbs resistance). LIKE us on Facebook .