The 10-minute Hip Band Booty Workout

Just got your new Fit Simplify resistance hip bands? Try this great booty band workout by your favorite instructor Marin.

This 2 circuit workout will help you tone and strengthen your booty and lower body.

All you need is just 10 minutes of time. Incorporate this into your weekly workout routine to see some great results.

These new resistance hip bands are great because they don’t roll-up and they’re super durable. And you will feel the burn after using them in this workout.

Here are the hip band exercises that Marin goes over in this video.

1st circuit

1. Squats
2. Side to side walks
3. Side leg lifts
4. Rear leg lifts
5. Jog in place

2nd circuit

1. Kickbacks
2. Side lying clamshells
3. Lying leg lifts
4 Bridge thrusts
5. Rollups

Try these resistance hip band exercises today, and let us know how this 10-minute workout works for you in the comments!

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