Top "10" At Home Band Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing

The reality is we won’t be going back to the gym anytime soon. With that being said band workouts are here to stay. So today I am going over my top 10 at home band exercises. You can pick and choose and make your own workout or you can do three sets of each in the order I give them in this video. The most important thing is you do an exercise that you feel working. Also make sure you try to get outside if you can. Thanks for watching.

1.) Bulgarian split squat 01:39
2.) Romanian deadlift 03:39
3.) Banded push up 05:19
4.) One arm crossover 06:11
5.) Row 07:49
6.) Pull aparts 08:32
7.) Lateral raise 09:21
8.) Hammer Curls 10:16
9.) Kickbacks 11:16
10.) Calf raises 12:11

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