Top 11 Resistance Band Chest Exercises to Hit All Angles

Here are the best resistance band chest exercises to hit all areas of your pecs and from all angles.

These loop resistance band chest exercises will build muscle, strength and endurance.

Primary Muscles Targeted: Pectoralis major, Pectoralis minor, Serratus anterior, anterior deltoid, triceps.

Secondary Muscles Targeted: Shoulders, Traps, Back

What’s more, these chest exercises with resistance bands don’t require an anchor, so they can be done literally anywhere.

The resistance bands used for these chest exercises are loop resistance bands, not tube bands. No handles needed.

Chest Exercises with Resistance Band List in order:

1. Resistance Band Chest Press
2. Decline Chest Press
3. Incline Chest Press
4. Incline Chest Press Variation
5. Single Arm Resistance Band Chest Press
6. Banded Push Up
7. Resistance Band Chest Fly
8. Resistance Band High Crossover
9. Half-Kneeling Low Crossover
10. Single Arm Low Crossover
11. Resistance Band Clapping Push Up (for explosive power)

Resistance Band Chest Workout Example

Circuit x 4 rounds (30 seconds on / 15 seconds rest in between exercises – 1 min rest between rounds):

Chest Press
Incline Chest Press
Decline Chest Press
Chest Fly
Half-Kneeling Low Crossover
High Cross Over
Banded Push Ups

2 sets of Banded Clapping Push Ups x Max Reps

Total Workout Time: Approx. 25 mins

This type of workout is intense, so you will be burning fat long after the workout is finished!

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