Tricep Exercises for Women Using Resistance Bands

Physiotherapist guided tricep exercises for women using resistance bands to strengthen, tone & firm up the back of your upper arms.

These triceps exercises with resistance bands also help you strengthen your middle back. Scroll down for guidelines & safety tips for home.

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The Triceps muscles are large muscles at the back of the upper arm. Triceps extends or straightens out your arm. If you want to firm and tone your upper arms these are the muscles you need to exercise!

Exercising your triceps using resistance bands helps strengthen your upper arms, wrists and your middle back if the exercise is done using good posture.

Here’s how to set up for these triceps exercises:

*Loop the middle of your resistance band around a door handle or the leg of a fixed chair
*Take hold of each end of your resistance band with each hand
*Move back from the door to increase stretch on the band and increase resistance
*Stand with your knees unlocked and lift the crown of your head upwards towards the ceiling
*Lock your upper arms into the sides of your body with your elbows almost at right angles.
*Using the correct action for triceps exercises
*Extend your forearms and press the resistance tube downwards – this action increases the resistance through the band
*Raise your chest forwards to use your back muscles during this action
*Breathe out as you press your forearms downwards
*Breath in as you return your elbows to right angles

Safety tips for triceps exercises at home

*Make sure the door is closed and the door handle well fixed!
*Start out with light to medium resistance – this helps you develop the right technique without straining your neck
*Extend one elbow at a time if the overall resistance of using both arms together is too challenging
*If you’re prone to having a sore neck make avoid straining and lift your chest forwards as your arms move backwards as shown in this video
*Breathe out with the effort of pushing down
*Sit on an exercise ball or chair as an alternative to standing if you choose

Hope this video helps you strengthen & tone safely!
Michelle .