Week 6: FRIDAY BAND Workout- 30 min TABATA Total Body Home Workout. With Instruction

Week 6: FRIDAY – 30 min TABATA Total Body Home Workout. With Instruction

❤️You might notice that the length of the video is over 30 min, I add a lot of instruction and explanation for each exercise and alterations for different levels. It’s well worth completing the workout. 3 exercises for Legs – Arms – Abs, superset, TABATA style.
Guaranteed to see definition and toning if you follow my workouts 5x a week.

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TABATA 50 sec work / 10sec transition
Home workout

Warm up

Side lateral raise
Reverse flutter kick

Seated row
Lying bicep curl
Lying shoulder raise

Plank knee to elbow
Legs up
Plank nice across

Cool down stretch flexibility .